What I Ate In New York

Whilst I was in New York, I visited a multitude of different food places, cafes and restaurants over the five days I was in Manhattan. I tended to have breakfast in my hotel room, usually oats or muesli with a sachet of Pip & Nut peanut butter. For the rest of the time, we found different places to try out.

New York Wholefoods Market

I picked up some of my food and snacks in Wholefoods; I have only ever been to the one in Piccadilly Circus in London and I love it in there. They have so many organic foods available that are high quality and natural. I really enjoy their buffet-style bowls and their snack stands have so much variety. I ended up going to the one in Union Square most days as it was closest to all of our other activities.

Below, I have listed a couple of my snacks, lunches and dinners that I picked up whilst I was in New York.

Larabar peanut butter cookie – This only had three ingredients, dates, peanuts and sea salt, which I thought was great. It is an all-natural bar with wholesome ingredients and was very delicious, slightly crumbly and also a filling and satisfying snack.

Fruit – apples and bananas. I was craving fruit and vegetables so I found and brought an apple and a banana for each day to snack on and/or have after a meal.

Salad Bar – I filled up a box with a variety of things from the prepared salad bar. I selected seasoned carrots, mixed roasted mini carrots, boiled eggs, green lentils, black beans, chickpeas, grapes, Parmesan cheese, sweet corn, wheat, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, and a cheese pasta salad.

Chelsea Market – Chalait

There were so many food places to choose from, I actually couldn’t believe the extent of the market. This made it so hard to choose a place to pick up food from. I opted for a small deli style food place because all of the food was simple and made fresh just behind the counter.

I adapted the breakfast sandwich by taking out the additional ingredients such as radish and sauces and just requested an avocado, scrambled egg, wholewheat sandwich. I got quite a large portion with plenty of filling, however my only complaint would be that the egg was quite greasy which did make it more difficult to eat.

Barilla Restaurants

We stumbled across this restaurant on the way back from Bergdorf Goodman. The deli was a Mediterranean style with sandwiches, pasta, pizza, soups, salad, etc. I selected the Penne Primavera which consisted of wholegrain penne, grilled seasonal vegetables and a sun dried tomato sauce; they also gave a small pot of Parmesan cheese to go on top. I really enjoyed this past dish, especially the slices of vegetables mixed in. It was very reasonably priced, especially for New York.


Sarabeth’s is located facing Central Park. This was my most expensive meal and was the only one that was a proper sit-down meal waiter service. I picked the spinach and goats cheese omelet with a side of sourdough toast. This was very yummy and was a good portion. My friends had the eggs benedict, one with salmon and the other with ham. I do however feel that it was slightly overpriced, especially after tax and tips but it was in a prime location and therefore was to be expected. The service inside was extremely efficient, waiters were everywhere filling up water glasses as soon as we were half way through our drink. They did have a lot of choice in the restaurant so I would recommend this spot if you fancy treating yourself to a brunch or lunch.

Cafe Plymouth

This food spot is located in Brooklyn, about a 10 minute walk from Brooklyn Promenade. We spotted this place just as we got off the subway from Williamsburg. It was a deli-style restaurant and had boards above the counter showing all of the different opinions. Most of the food was quite basic and take-away food, however it still satisfied our hungry. I picked off the breakfast wrap board and went for the Vegetarian wrap that consisted of a wholewheat wrap, three egg whites, carrot, tomato and I added in feta. The food was warm, quick and was a decent size portion.



Author: Rachel Fox

Hello I am a second year Fashion Communication and Promotion student who is a creative and self-motivated individual with a strong interest in visual content creation. I am always seeking opportunities to broaden my skills and experiences within the dynamic creative industries; this being evident within my blog and online portfolio. With experience of both working and studying within the fast-passed sector, I have practical industry-level awareness that I apply to every assigned brief as well as personal endeavour. My work spans a variety of topics including Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Food and issues surrounding Societal and Environmental affairs. I am able to produce a range of innovative, forward-thinking outcomes that are tailored to the chosen target consumer. Being driven, ambitious and organised, I strive to share my enthusiasm for the world of visual communication.

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