Things I Have Learnt At Uni So Far – Part Two

This is the second post on this topic. I split it into two parts as I have quite a few things that I wanted to share. These are some other elements that I have come to realise; I wanted to do a reflection of the things I have discovered and learnt so far in my first year of uni.

Flip-flops in the bathroom are essential

Although I have the luxury of an en-suite, I still wear my flip flops in the shower every day! I have a wet-room so the whole bathroom floor gets soaked. It did take a bit of getting used to, but now it’s just part of my routine. I do clean the bathroom and the floor each week; however I still don’t like the thought of going bare foot in there.

You can never have enough pants

Having to the laundry is a bit of a faff and there may come a point where you’re extremely tempted to just buy more pants instead of doing a wash more regularly. I have enough clothes and towels to last me up to 2 weeks but at the start of uni, pants were a struggle! At Christmas, I brought back more with me so I knew I had enough to last me. Stock up!

It all goes really, really fast

Everyone always used to tell me this and I never fully believed them. My first semester was so busy that I didn’t have time to count down the days, they just flew by! It won’t be long until I’m on the other side of the tunnel looking stressed and unprepared for the real world. It only feels like I have just arrived in some respects, but in others, it seems like I’ve been here forever. I think the main thing is to take advantage of everything university has to offer while you can!

First year does kind of count

Although on my course, the marks in first and second year don’t technically count towards my degree, putting no effort in when met with first uni challenges can have some knock-on effects in the coming years. I have come to realise that first year is all about getting an overview of the course so lacking the basic skills and knowledge would make it so much harder for me to get the grade I want in my final year. I also feel that my tutors are less likely to help if they don’t feel I’ve been making the effort already. Similarly, getting a good grade in first year can help to secure work experience and placements in second and third years.

You’ll regret the things you don’t do

I am the type of person who likes a routine and feel nervous about stepping out of my little comfort bubble; this may speaking up in a seminar or going up to a tutor to ask for help. Uni also comes with so many opportunities being thrown at you; it’s sometimes hard to choose which ones to take. I now realise that I may not get these opportunities after these three years and these might possibly become my best memories at uni. I will never know this unless I go for it and say YES to more things. My first big decision was to go to New York with my course this January and I’m so glad I did.



Author: Rachel Fox

Hello I am a second year Fashion Communication and Promotion student who is a creative and self-motivated individual with a strong interest in visual content creation. I am always seeking opportunities to broaden my skills and experiences within the dynamic creative industries; this being evident within my blog and online portfolio. With experience of both working and studying within the fast-passed sector, I have practical industry-level awareness that I apply to every assigned brief as well as personal endeavour. My work spans a variety of topics including Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Food and issues surrounding Societal and Environmental affairs. I am able to produce a range of innovative, forward-thinking outcomes that are tailored to the chosen target consumer. Being driven, ambitious and organised, I strive to share my enthusiasm for the world of visual communication.

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