Pause: Mind Subscription

Mind is a charity that I very much support and value their work. I feel that it is such a beneficial charity and support system, especially for young people. They provide advice and support to empower anyone experiencing a mental health problem. They campaign to improve services, raise awareness and promote understanding, with the ultimate aim of achieving self-confidence and positivity in everyday lives.

Pause is a new innovative subscription service from Mind. 1 in 4 of us experience mental health problems which is why I feel so passionately about supporting this movement. The idea is for people to join Pause to support better mental health for everyone as well as getting your own boost of wellbeing too. Starting a subscription now, would leave you feeling good and also knowing you are doing something good.

I feel that self-care should be an integral part of wellbeing so shouldn’t be seen as an indulgence. The concept for the subscription box is that a little me–time treat is delivered to your door each month. Pause was launched to boost wellbeing and help support Mind too.

How it works: you subscribe with a monthly donation to Mind of £7.50, and they send you a treat in the post every month. I love the idea that each box will encourage relaxation, creativity and reflection – to focus on and improve your wellbeing. Pause isn’t just good for you, you’ll also be helping Mind support others experiencing mental health problems.

The charity won’t give up until everyone experiencing a mental health problem gets support and respect, which is something I am grateful for. A monthly donation will help the charity ensure no one has to face a mental health problem alone. They are helping to encourage conversations around mental health issues and to slowly remove the taboo around the problems. I believe we all need to come together and support all of our journeys towards maintaining a positive mental health.

Wellbeing is powerful and affects our mood and even mental state. We all have times when our wellbeing needs a boost and Pause is here to help achieve this; allowing people to find the space to make that happen.

We need to start taking a step back and acknowledging how we are feeling each day. Your Pause box is said to help you find the time to notice and appreciate the little things. Focusing on the positives in a tough situation, however I always try to dig deep to find gratitude in each situation.

The box similarly encourages people to learn a new skill, setting personal goal or challenging you. These, in my opinion, can all have a big positive impact on self-esteem and wellbeing. I feel that it is the connection the box could provide that is one of the greatest benefits of the box. It’s easy to feel disconnected. The community factor is key: Pause will help you share, talk and connect with friends, family and even encourage people to start conversations online with likeminded people.



Author: Rachel Fox

Hello I am a second year Fashion Communication and Promotion student who is a creative and self-motivated individual with a strong interest in visual content creation. I am always seeking opportunities to broaden my skills and experiences within the dynamic creative industries; this being evident within my blog and online portfolio. With experience of both working and studying within the fast-passed sector, I have practical industry-level awareness that I apply to every assigned brief as well as personal endeavour. My work spans a variety of topics including Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel, Food and issues surrounding Societal and Environmental affairs. I am able to produce a range of innovative, forward-thinking outcomes that are tailored to the chosen target consumer. Being driven, ambitious and organised, I strive to share my enthusiasm for the world of visual communication.

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